Wulf Höflich

Wulf Höflich studied aerospace engineering at the Technical University in Munich and received his diploma in 1990.

He began his professional career with the aero engine manufacturer MTU (MTU Aero Engines), initially as an engineer and then as a patent assessor, during which time he was admitted to practice as a patent attorney.

Subsequently, he took over the management of the patent and IP departments of well-known companies in the automotive and aerospace industries: Knorr-Bremse, General Motors Europe / Adam Opel AG and the Airbus Group.

Most recently, Wulf Höflich was responsible at Airbus for the newly created technology transfer business unit, an experience that now benefits his clients.


As the Chief Intellectual Property Officer of the Airbus Group, Wulf Höflich helped Airbus become one of the few European corporations with more than 1,000 patent applications per year. In order to take commercial advantage also of the enormous potential of the patent portfolio that had been developed, he implemented a new business model for the licencing of patented technologies.

Wulf Höflich is a lecturer at international congresses and seminars, among other things. He has lectured on patent practice at the University of Ingolstadt. He currently gives lectures on technology licencing and the protection of inventions in new manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing. He has also contributed articles on the topic of patent management in numerous international professional journals and company publications. Wulf Höflich is a member of the LES, Licensing Executives Society, and VPP, Association of Intellectual Property Professionals.