• Patent protection of technical inventions
  • Trademark protection
  • Protection of design and creations (registered designs)
  • Enforcement of industrial property rights
  • Patent and portfolio strategy and defence against product piracy


Example 1

Consultancy and legal services to protect inventions and branding of SME supplier in automotive area:

  • Prior art searches related to new inventions and client’s products
  • Market & competitor benchmarking
  • On site review and evaluation on patentability of new innovations, manufacturing processes
  • Drafting and filing of intellectual property right (IPR) applications such as patents, designs, trademarks with national, European and Global IP offices
  • Opposing third parties IPRs
  • Enforcement of IPR against infringement and defence against third party claims


Example 2

Technology & Patent Strategy

  • Screening and mapping of technologies and patents
  • Benchmarking of competing technologies
  • Defining tailored patent strategy
  • Risk & opportunity evaluation
  • Due diligence of products and process portfolio
  • Inventor screening & evaluation
  • Patent landscaping
  • We cooperate with experienced partner Cheers Interactive


Example 3

Transfer of welding manufacturing technology from aerospace OEM to consumer electronics OEM including a system integrator

  • Detailed mapping, clustering and evaluation of available technologies, know-how and intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks
  • Define & establish licensing strategy
  • Feasibility & application studies defined and established as supplementary service for the receiving party
  • Business model for parties defined and implemented
  • Contractual structure between parties applied
  • Contractual after sales service